UW Student Seminars (WUMSS) maintains a fork of tacit, originally created by Yegor Bugayenko. To avoid confusion with the original, our fork is branded as rabbit.

Rabbit is a CSS framework to make web services to look attractive without graphic design. This is how your website will look if you add just this code to your HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://wumss.github.io/rabbit/rabbit.min.css"/>

Don’t use CSS classes to make your HTML code look nice. Just make sure it is HTML5 compliant and you’ll be fine. Again, no classes, just standard HTML elements, like <table> and <input>.

Check the source code of this page.


Here is a simple form:


A simple table would look like this:

Make Price Year
BMW X6 $75,000 2013
Mercedes-Benz E350 $52,700 2014


Just use standard <h1>...<h6> tags:

This is <h1>

Use a heading of the highest level once per page.

This is <h2>

Use <h2> for sections of the page.

This is <h3>

Use <h3> for sub-sections.

This is <h4>

Avoid this type of heading.

This is <h5>

Avoid this type of heading.

This is <h6>

Avoid this type of heading.


Just use standard <ul>, <ol> and <dl> tags:

A yellow fruit that is easy to peel.
Which also grows on a tree.
A tan nut without a peel.
A red fruit that is hard to peel.


Use this to emphasize a quote
— Author Name, Publication


Sometimes you want to let people know they should press a keyboard command like ctrl + l.


A photo placeholder text

Work in progress

The framework is still in development.